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100TM partners with Studio Selva to design cities for people with diverse backgrounds into Earth Cities


100TM has partnered with Studio Selva to explore bringing their experience in architectural solutions to our Earth Cities, focusing on the first one in Chile.

By doing so, besides bringing in specialized knowledge through them, we will strengthen our connection to the Netherlands and broaden our scope of potential innovative partners in urban planning, construction methods, and architecture.

In support of our mission's continued growth and maturation, we will be able to establish a mutually beneficial collaboration combining Studio Selva's ability to design urban spaces that are better suited to welcome people from different backgrounds with the one-of-a-kind opportunity that 100TM brings forth with this first Earth City.

Studio Selva has experience supporting the city of Amsterdam with projects for immigrants and refugees and in large-scale initiatives using modular, prefabricated building systems to find efficient, social and sustainable solutions to the pressing Dutch housing shortage.

Their team has managed to be involved in several projects, including a student village, a museum exhibition, the Westersingel Bridge, and the Jardins de Métis. Other projects of theirs can be located here.

About Studio Selva

In 2016, Johan Selbig and Alondra Vargas founded Studio Selva in Amsterdam. Together, their approach spans theoretical research, active involvement in social debate, and building projects, ranging from urban development to street furniture and bridges, from villas built from the ground up to interior transformations that make compact spaces liveable.

About 100 Thousand Million

100 Thousand Million (100TM) was founded in 2021 in Helsinki by Alberto Scherb and Jaime Alvarez Gerding. They together design and build cities that are human-centered, nature-focused, and sustainable at the core.

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