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Lab: “The Future of Communities: Sustainability and Resilience in 2050 and Beyond”

100TM is bringing together similar-minded people in our sustainability lab in Helsinki. We believe that community is the only way to make change happen.

At 100 Thousand Million Oy, we aim to build deeply sustainable cities worldwide.

Our strategy is straightforward: by designing a framework to build cities from scratch, we can now reduce water and energy consumption by at least three times, become Net Zero and be simultaneously profitable. Such a reduction in footprint allows for developing cities in territories that are not developable otherwise.

We already have some suitable land plots for this purpose, so we can ascertain it is doable and replicate it in many other places worldwide. Also, an investor from abroad is already working with us to develop the framework mentioned above.

We are currently part of Urban Tech Helsinki and are connecting and collaborating with others who share values and goals relevant to this and other initiatives.

We have invited several specialists to a full-day event on the 16th of September 2022, with the specific objective of getting a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of building a community for sustainable and resilient cities.

The Lab title is “The Future of Communities: Sustainability and Resilience in 2050 and Beyond”. It has been designed in collaboration with Riel Miller using the Futures Literacy Framework. We will use the collective intelligence of the participants to explore the possibilities that can emerge with communities that bring our vision to reality.

We are honored to count on all our participants and hope to build a long-term collaboration.

We look forward to sharing our insights with our community.

The 100 Thousand Million Team

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