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100TM partners with Sanitation360 for waste management in our Earth cities

100TM has partnered with Sanitation360 to handle solutions crucial for managing human waste in our new earth cities.

Sanitation360 has a unique solution that converts urine into a dry fertilizer, preventing water pollution and enabling easier circular management of wastewater and nutrients.

In support of building our earth cities, with the first one in Chile, 100TM will be able to take advantage of Sanitation360's ability to transfer their scientific knowledge into commercial products that will make going to the bathroom more sustainable in every new city we build.

Sanitation360 has experience supporting human waste management solutions for projects like ours. Sanitation360 will participate in our upcoming 100TM lab, "The Future of Communities: Sustainability and Resilience in 2050 and Beyond", to leverage Sanitation360's knowledge and experience as we develop the 100TM framework.

In addition to the work on the framework, we will explore together bringing a solution to our first Earth City located in Chile.
The team of Sanitation360: Jenna Senecal (CEO), Björn Vinnerås, and Prithvi Simha. Photo: Sanitation360

About Sanitation360

Sanitation360 was founded in Gotland, an island that is part of Sweden. They together are a team of experts specialising in nutrient recycling with over 20 years of research and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

About 100 Thousand Million

100 Thousand Million (100TM) was founded in 2021 in Helsinki by Alberto Scherb, Jaime Alvarez Gerding, and Andro Lindsay. They together design and build cities that are human-centered, nature-focused, and sustainable at the core.

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