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100TM signs contract for new earth city, located in Chile

100 Thousand Million reached a significant milestone – we signed the contract for acquiring the land for our first Earth city! 100TM’s vision now has a first home, which will act as the birthplace of a new standard of sustainable living.
In the beginning, all 100TM had was an idea, a vision that was incredible, ambitious, and far-fetched: let's tackle climate change and its impacts by building sustainable cities from scratch.
During the last year, the core team moved to Finland together with their families, founded the company to pursue the vision (now not far-fetched at all), and began building a network of experts and partners for this very purpose to confirm the sustainability model.

Where is it?

The land is located in a temperate, semi-desertic zone in Chile, 400 km north of Santiago, in front of the ocean, with an abundance of wind and solar energy, and close to a National Park.
The local ecosystem, which has been deteriorating for decades, can be restored with the help of our project.

Why build a sustainable city in Chile?

We must begin somewhere.
100TM had this specific land in mind before even founding the company. When they began talking to potential partners and investors, they confirmed the feasibility of building a city there and that the place was an ideal location for such a project.
Now that the contract is signed, the project can move forward to perform the required environmental impact studies and engineering analysis.
Our revised internal analysis shows that some areas of Chile are excellent locations due to its temperate climate, abundant renewable energy sources, and access to water. There are also similar sites in other countries like Italy, Mexico, Portugal, and South Africa. 100TM will now set out to refine and replicate the land selection process in these and other parts of the world to prepare the grounds (pun intended) to speed up growth as quickly as possible.
It's happening. Join our visionary community here.

About 100 Thousand Million

100 Thousand Million (100TM) was founded in 2021 in Helsinki by Alberto Scherb, Jaime Alvarez Gerding, and Andro Lindsay. They together design and build cities that are human-centered, nature-focused, and sustainable at the core.

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