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100TM partners with Plutoview to build our digital and Web3 branding

100TM partnered with Plutoview to support us in building our digital brand. By doing so, we will be able to reach audiences worldwide.

In today’s world, if you want to build a company, you must also develop it online, as most of our lives are digitalized.

Thus, to build sustainable cities in different parts of the world, we need to enter the digital and Web3 space to grow our community of like-minded people within the company and our earth cities.

Plutoview will support 100TM to navigate the Web3 world thanks to their extensive experience and provide access to its Web3 network, partners, and communities. Furthermore, Plutoview will develop a Virtual Space that will be entirely digital, a first for such a project as ours.

Plutoview has partnered with World of Freight, Mintbase marketplace, and other major DAOs and Web3 projects like Giveth, AngelProtocol, Doingud, BabyBulls, to name a few. The team is piloting with more than 10 DAOs and Web3 projects in the coming months.
“Passion-technology-and more passion drives ideas like ours forward.”

— Alberto Scherb

Alberto Scherb, CEO of 100TM, on why they decided to work with Plutoview: “First, we were focused on RL only. Then Gleb (CBO at Plutoview) connected the dots and introduced 100TM to the Web3 communities and NFT. After meeting Arkadiy and seeing his vision for what can be done, the decision became a no-brainer. Passion-technology-and more passion drives ideas like ours forward.”

Arkadiy Baltser, Founder/CEO of Plutoview: “We're pumped to partner with 100TM to move forward Web3 technologies to create a more sustainable world. As we share core values of 100TM, we hope it will be a long-lasting partnership that will lead to positive and valuable changes in our world.”
The two founders of Plutoview: Arkadiy Baltser (left) and Gleb Braverman (right). Photo: NFT Tallinn 2022

About Plutoview

Plutoview was founded in Boston, USA. Together, they build virtual applications that anyone can use directly from the metaverse. Plutoview utilizes Virtual Spaces, Discord Bots and Drawing Portals to enable clients to engage with their community members, including creating NFTs and fan art with communities.

About 100 Thousand Million

100 Thousand Million (100TM) was founded in 2021 in Helsinki by Alberto Scherb, Jaime Alvarez Gerding, and Andro Lindsay. They together design and build cities that are human-centered, nature-focused, and sustainable at the core.

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